Autogeek – We are car care!

Who We Are:

The Autogeek staff is an eclectic group of car-minded professionals who each bring something valuable to our warehouse and our website. Autogeek boasts an in-house photographer, graphic artist, and writer, knowledgeable technical advisors, helpful customer service reps, a dedicated order fulfillment staff, a chemist, and a hard-working administrative staff that brings it all together. All web content and research and development are done on site by our talented team. At Autogeek, we draw on the decades of combined experience of our staff plus tireless research to bring you the best products, service, and advice on the web.

What We Do:

Autogeek is constantly changing, growing, and evolving. In 2008, we moved into our own 15,000 sq. ft. building overlooking the Florida Turnpike. Then in 2010, we expanded another 5,000 sq. ft. to include a new classroom, fully equipped garage, and studio we call the Autogeek Show Car Garage, plus a photo and webcast studio and additional storage space. From this space, we film commercials and how-to videos as seen on the Speed Channel. In 2011, we expanded into an additonal 9,000 sq. ft., bringing our grand total to 29,000 sq. ft.! With PBMG’s manufacturing of products expanding, the production facility was moved from a 400 sq. ft. area to its own separate part of the warehouse totaling 2200 sq ft. Our inventory and our staff have grown to better accommodate our customers’ needs. We’ve expanded our domestic and international distribution by leaps and bounds. Those are just the things you can see. Behind the scenes, our staff is constantly researching, testing, planning and improving in a never-ending effort to earn your business. Our work is never done! is just one of the stores owned by Palm Beach Motoring Group, a dynamic, fast-growing company with retail, manufacturing, and domestic and international distribution divisions. We proudly manufacture Pinnacle Natural Brilliance, Wolfgang Concours Series, McKee’s 37, BACKFIRE, Marine 31, and import premium Cobra Microfiber. In addition to, our exceptional products can be found at our manufacturer websites:,, and


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