Britemax Professional Detailing Products

Achieve maximum gloss with Britemax!

Britemax is a British-owned family company that, thanks to a unique partnership, produces some of the finest USA-manufactured professional grade detailing products available to the public. Each formula is carefully crafted to be user-friendly for all skillsets, and fitting for use with all types of vehicles—from cars to boats to superbikes! Britemax makes maintaining the aesthetic value of your vehicle easier than ever before with a complete line of quality products for both the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle.

Britemax is best known for the “Metal Twins,” a duo composed of Britemax Easy Cut an Britemax Final Shine metal polishes that is lauded as one of the most user-friendly and effective metal polishing combos available. Though they’re best known for their metal polishes, Britemax offers a full range of car care products including top choices for vinyl, rubber, and leather surface conditioners, iron removers, detailing spray, and more! With Britemax, you can keep every inch of your vehicle looking like new with ease!

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