McKee’s 37 Car Care

McKee’s 37 is the culmination of Detailer’s Pro Series and XMT Car Care. Combining the two lines and slapping a fancy new label on the bottle would have been the easy route, but I instead took my time and worked closely with my team to update the best from each line while adding several all-new formulas. My goal, or mission as some would call it, was to create a line that would exceed your expectations.

McKee’s 37 aims to synthesize the knowledge gained from the development of the Detailer’s Pro line with the latest technological breakthroughs in surface care to create a full line of effective and affordable products. During my thirty year stint in this industry, I’ve developed hundreds of waxes and polishes that were, for the most part, only obtainable by those with high-end tastes. Thanks to advancements in surface care enhancement technology, my team of chemists was able to develop an affordable line of products that offers world-class performance. Each and every formula in the McKee’s 37 line is worthy of being used on the world’s finest show cars, but still obtainable for the everyday driver.

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