Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Company

Unmatched performance coupled with world class engineering, culminating in one powerful machine that hums like a … vacuum! And not just you’re ordinary run-of-the-mill vacuum. These Metro™ vac’s are the worlds best! That’s because at Metropolitan Vacuum Cleaner Co. perfection is serious business. For 65 years Metro™ has been developing innovations in vaccum cleaner technology. Some first-in-the-industry accomplishments include the invention of the hand-held vacuums that are so popular today.

Presently Metro™ is a leader in providing high volume pumps, inflators, deflators, vacuums and blowers servicing the automotive, motorcycle, marine, camping ,sporting goods, and pet industries. Metro™ vac’s and blowers are extremely efficient and powerful! Whether for your home, car, truck, van, motorcycle, SUV, motor home, garage or pet- Metro’s products get the job done quickly!

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