SCANGRIP Detailing Lights

The work light of the detailing future!

SCANGRIP Detailing Lights are a line of work lights designed to give you the best illumination while detailing. As many detailers know, some paint colors hide their imperfections well, but make it harder to find said imperfections and correct them. Detailing outdoors and using the sunlight is not always an option, so investing in a high-quality work light is the way to go. SCANGRIP Detailing Lights provides a full range of work lights that use LED bulbs and advanced color match technology for the best paint correction conditions.

SCANGRIP is Europe’s leading supplier of work lights, and they are now making a splash in the US. They provide some of the strongest and most comprehensive range of works lights on the market by incorporating LED technology into all of their products. Their specialized SCANGRIP Detailing Lights line provides several different lights, all of which create an optimal environment for paint correction.

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