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Competition Ready TV Schedule – Season 2

Episode #201 – Indianapolis Museum premieres on April 21-23 and re-airs on June 30-July 2

Episode #202 – Tampa RV Supershow premieres on April 28-30 and re-airs on July 7-9

Episode #203 – Classic Auto Show – AJ’s Firebird premieres on May 5-7 and re-airs on July 14-16

Episode #204 – Classic Auto Show – Bruce Meyer premieres on May 12-14 and re-airs on July 21-23

Episode #205 – Sacramento – Autorama premieres on May 19-21 and re-airs on July 28-30

Episode #206 – Amelia Island – Adam Carolla premieres on May 26-28 and re-airs on August 4-6

Epsiode #207 – Detail Fest – Behind the Scenes premieres on June 2-4 and re-airs on August 11-13

Episode #208 – Detail Fest – Detailers Cup premieres on June 9-11 and re-airs on August 18-20

Competition Ready Season 2

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  • Episode 16 – West Palm Beach – Detailer’s Cup

    Competition Ready Episode 16: West Palm Beach - Detailer's Cup For the second year running, the Competition Ready team will be at Autogeek’s own, Detail Fest to cover the Second annual Detailer’s [...]

  • Episode 15 – West Palm Beach – Detail Fest

    Competition Ready Episode 15: West Palm Beach - Detail Fest Detail Fest is the country’s largest event dedicated to the art, technology and skills of automotive detailing.  In this episode, AJ will travel [...]

  • Episode 14 – Amelia Island – Adam Carolla

    Competition Ready Episode 14: Amelia Island - Adam Carolla Hollywood celebrity, Adam Carolla, is known for his incredible collection of vintage and rare cars. Now he’s selling two prized cars from this stellar private [...]

  • Episode 13 – Sacramento Autorama

    Competition Ready Episode 13: Sacramento Autorama Leonard Lopez from Dominator Street Rods is taking his incredible ’55 Chevy to the Sacramento Autorama and needs a little assistance getting his ride ready for the judges.  [...]

  • Episode 12 – Classic Auto Show

    Competition Ready Episode 12: Classic Auto Show The “Grand Boulevard” is the MOST prestigious area of the Classic Auto Show Los Angeles.  Here, some of the world’s finest automobiles will flank a red [...]

  • Episode 11 – AJ’s Firebird

    Competition Ready Episode 11: AJ’s Firebird AJ is bringing her prized Firebird to the Classic Auto Show at the LA Convention Center.  This is one of the biggest shows in one of the biggest [...]

  • Episode 10 – Tampa RV Supershow

    Competition Ready Episode 10: Tampa RV Supershow The Florida RV Supershow is THE LARGEST RV show in America!  So when one of the country’s top coach builders needs one of their million dollar coaches [...]

  • Episode 9 – Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

    Competition Ready Episode 9: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum On this episode of Competition Ready, Mike and AJ visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway where Mike is teaching one of his Autogeek’s Roadshow Detailing Classes. After [...]

Competition Ready Season 1

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    Competition Ready Episode 8: AMELIA ISLAND CONCOURS On this episode of Competition Ready, Competition Ready gets a call from Amelia Island veteran, Doc, who needs some immediate assistance getting his ’33 Rolls-Royce Phantom II [...]

  • Episode 7 – DETAIL FEST

    Competition Ready Episode 7: DETAIL FEST On this episode of Competition Ready, AJ and Mike take on their biggest challenge to date. Six incredible rides built by some of the country’s top builders need [...]

  • Episode 6 – RIDLER AWARD

    Competition Ready Episode 6: RIDLER AWARD On this episode of Competition Ready, Mike and his team of expert surface technicians travel to the world famous Detroit Autorama. Accomplished builder and up-and-comer, Derick Samson, has enlisted [...]

  • Episode 5 – AMBR AWARD

    Competition Ready Episode 5: AMBR AWARD On this episode of Competition Ready, famed hot rod artisan and builder, Troy Ladd of Hollywood Hot Rods, calls AJ and Mike to help him finish his ’32 [...]

  • Episode 4 – RUSSO & STEELE AUCTION

    Competition Ready Episode 4: RUSSO & STEELE AUCTION On this episode of Competition Ready, AJ and Mike have gotten the call to head to Scottsdale, Arizona for the renowned Russo & Steele [...]

  • Episode 3 – PETERSEN OPENING

    Competition Ready Episode 3: PETERSEN OPENING Adrienne "AJ" Janic and Mike Phillips are always ready for a challenge…but on this episode of Competition Ready, they’re about to face 50 million dollars-worth of insurmountable odds. [...]

  • Episode 2 – SEMA BOTB

    Competition Ready Episode 2: SEMA BOTB On this episode of Competition Ready, AJ, Mike and the team are thrown into the fire—having to rush to Las Vegas and the annual SEMA show [...]

  • Episode 1 – LEGEND CUP

    Competition Ready Episode 1: LEGEND CUP On this episode of Competition Ready, Adrienne "AJ" Janic, Mike Phillips and their team of expert surface technicians receive a call from Tim O’Connell, one of [...]